Prevent Defense: Cracked Pipes

Your Yearly Reminder – Disconnect All Garden Hoses! How a faucet bursts if hose is left attached in freezing conditions: Hose Attached Freezing Begins Pressure In Pipe Builds… Integrity of Pipe Lost…Pipe Bursts When a hose is left attached, water cannot drain properly from the faucet. As temperatures drop below freezing, water in the faucet […]

Keep Your Home and Family Safer With Motion Sensing Security Lights

CONTROL ANY TYPE OF OUTDOOR LIGHTING SITUATION BENEFITS INCLUDE: SECURITY – A burglar doesn’t want to be spotted and looks for easy targets. Scare off intruders and prevent home invasions by installing motion sensor lights. Locations include porches; garage or storage shed entrances; fenced in back yards. CONVENIENCE – Eliminate fumbling in the dark when […]