Create Your Original WINDECOR Block Design

  • Measure your existing window (glass only) width and height to determine the exact number and sizes of WINDECOR Window Tile you need to complete your design.
  • WINDECOR Window Tile may be cut or trimmed to your specific dimensions with a fine tooth saw blade similar to a hacksaw or miter saw. The cut ends or sides should be positioned on the bottom row and/or left hand side of your window, if your design permits.
  • WINDECOR Window Tile is easily installed and can best be accomplished by starting in the lower left hand corner and applying each tile working towards the right
  • Apply a small bead of clear silicone adhesive to the back side (around the flange) of each WINDECOR Window Tile and place on your clean window. Press firmly to assure maximum bond.
  • Proceed row by row up the window until you reach the top.

Three Sizes of Patented WINDECOR Window Tile Are Available: 8″ x 8″ 4″ x 8″ 3″ x 8″

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  • Don April 19, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    I love these windows here in St Louis we have many old brick homes that have the windows in the shower most times no way to correct the problem without a complete remodel and these windows solve the problem for the home owners

    Thanks for the product guys


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