Fall Back and “Light Up” How to Install a Motion Sensor Light Fixture

With any electrical project, search for the correct breaker, or fuse to the exterior light being installed. This article will explain how to install the light when there is an existing source. Running a new electric circuit is probably a job for Andy OnCall.
Once the breaker or fuse is turned off, use a voltage tester to ensure that power is indeed off. Inventory the parts for the new fixture and check instructions on how to install fixture, so everything is ready when needed.
Remove the existing outdoor fixture. If the screws are rusty or have been painted, use either a flat or Phillips screwdriver to avoid stripping the screws. Otherwise, use a cordless drill.
After the old fixture is removed, get the base of the new motion light to mark where the screws will go. If the holes do not match up right, attach either a wood, metal or masonry bit and drill where you marked the template. Fish the source wires through the middle of the base before fastening.
Once the base is ready, match up the sourcewires to the new fixture wires. If existing wires are uneven or look too long to match to the new wires, use wire cutters and strip the plastic off about 3/4 inch: black to black, white to white, and green to green or to a ground screw in case of only one green wire. Screw in wire caps, wrap with electrical tape.
Now that all the wires are fitting nice and tight, put the new light fixture onto the base making sure to keep the rubber seal even before screwing the fixture on. Go back and turn on the power.
Direct the small motion detector to the area to be illuminated. Using a screwdriver, loosen and tighten the screw already present on the motion lights. Adjust the bulb direction in the same manner.

You have just installed your motion light!
Test it and make sure when moving across the sensor,
the light comes on.

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