Feeling the Basketball Frenzy? Ready to Dust off the ‘Rock’ and Shoot some Hoops? No better way to Practice those “Downtown” Shots Or “Drives to the Basket” Than by Installing Your Own Basketball Hoop!

An In-Ground Basketball Hoop requires more effort to install than a wall-mount or portable hoop, but the reward is greater stability and durability. It will take a punishing dunk with ease.

Before you go shopping, look over this checklist of decision making tips on buying
An In-Ground Basketball System:

1. Decide Between a Standard or Bolt Mounted In-Ground Basketball Goal.

With standard goals, the basketball pole itself is secured in concrete. This is highly stable, but literally cemented in place. Bolt Mounted goals attach to an anchor which is secured in concrete. The pole and hoop can be detached and moved.

2. Decide Between a Fixed Basketball Goal or an Adjustable Goal.

Fixed Height Systems are heavy duty, but will not work for Younger Children who need a shorter goal height.

Most Height Adjustable Systems are as sturdy as fixed systems, yet offer greater versatility. It is important to test various systems for ease of adjustability. Installation is easier because it can be completed from the ground without the use of ladders.

3. Decide on a Backboard Material. Options include Acrylic, Fiberglass, and Tempered Glass. Choose the Backboard Width based on Your level of play.

Backboards help you shoot, score and rebound. They assist in making some of the most important plays of the game. The bigger the backboard, the closer you will be to true competition-level play.

Fiberglass backboards are affordable. They do not provide the highest level of ball response, but are a good choice for recreational use. Make sure they specify rust resistant.

Acrylic backboards have the look and feel of glass, but are a softer material which over time tend to get little scratches that can cause a dull look. Most are 3/8” thick, but ½” thick backboards result in better rebounding and play quality.

Tempered Glass is the superior backboard material. It is much more scratch resistant, and does not attract dust or mold. It is usually 3/8” thick but plays better than a ½” acrylic board. The biggest advantage is its ability to withstand intense play, and produce ultimate ball response.

Both Acrylic and Tempered Glass are acceptable for Missouri/Kansas weather conditions, just make sure it specifies ‘All Weather’.

A residential In-Ground Basketball Hoop is fairly easy to install. The amount of concrete necessary depends on the size and quality of the In-Ground system. If you’re not familiar with mixing and pouring concrete, we recommend using one of our qualified Andy OnCall Craftsman.

Dick’s Sporting Goods is currently offering free shipping on select In-Ground Systems. Visit their website:

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