Fall Back and “Light Up” How to Install a Motion Sensor Light Fixture

With any electrical project, search for the correct breaker, or fuse to the exterior light being installed. This article will explain how to install the light when there is an existing source. Running a new electric circuit is probably a job for Andy OnCall. Once the breaker or fuse is turned off, use a voltage […]

Study: 1 in 3 homes in metro areas could pose health risks

By Wendy Koch, USA TODAY One in three homes in U.S. metropolitan areas have at least one problem such as water leaks, peeling paint, holes or rodents that could harm residents’ health or safety, according to a first-of-its-kind study to be released Thursday. “The sheer numbers of homes impacted are alarming,” says Rebecca Morley, executive […]

Storm Doors: Elegant. Exciting! What?

Erase that memory of a cheap aluminum door banging shut or falling off its hinges. TIMES HAVE CHANGED! Storm Doors today give a classic, elegant look to any front entry. They are built from higher gauge aluminum and vinyl compounds which make them sturdier than screen doors of the past. Consider replacing your existing storm […]

Create Your Original WINDECOR Block Design

Measure your existing window (glass only) width and height to determine the exact number and sizes of WINDECOR Window Tile you need to complete your design. WINDECOR Window Tile may be cut or trimmed to your specific dimensions with a fine tooth saw blade similar to a hacksaw or miter saw. The cut ends or […]

ENTER to WIN – Indy 500 $50 Gift Certificate

Who Will The 2009 Indy 500 Winner Be? Submit Your Guess By Clicking On The CONTACTS Tab: Enter Name Enter Phone Number Enter Email Address Submit Guess In the Message Window Only One Entry Per Household and Email Address The Earliest Correct Guess Submitted Before Midnight May 23rd Will Receive A $50 Andy OnCall® Gift […]

Make Your Deck Shine Like New

Preparing your Deck for Pressure Washing Remove any loose articles that may become projectiles when pushed by the pressure washer jet. Plan to work in the direction that water drains so you’re not fighting gravity. Do not use a hot water pressure washer on your deck. Nozzles determine the water pressure – the smallest angle, […]

March Madness Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 1st AnnualAndy OnCall NCAA Men’s Basketball Challenge. Based on Time of Team Pick Submission: Congratulations to Jennifer N. and James M. for pickingNorth Carolina. They will both be receiving an Andy OnCallGift Certificate for $64 to be used toward their next project. Congratulations to Diana H. and Meghan […]

Rotted Windowsill … Tip of the Iceburg ?

Rotted Windowsills may be the greatest home repair cost because the damage may not end at the sill. Damage can go as far as the studs, the floor joists and even the main plate of the home that lies on the foundation wall. An early sign of wood rot is paint blistering or peeling from […]

ENERGY STAR Qualified Water Heaters — Which Type is Right for You?

Consider High-Efficiency Gas Storage if you: Currently have a gas storage water heater that needs to be replaced. Don’t want to make a major change and are satisfied with the style of water heater you have now. Are willing to pay a little more upfront to reduce water heating bills by about 7%. Want routine […]


Feeling the Basketball Frenzy? Ready to Dust off the ‘Rock’ and Shoot some Hoops? No better way to Practice those “Downtown” Shots Or “Drives to the Basket” Than by Installing Your Own Basketball Hoop! An In-Ground Basketball Hoop requires more effort to install than a wall-mount or portable hoop, but the reward is greater stability […]