Prevent Defense: Cracked Pipes

Your Yearly Reminder – Disconnect All Garden Hoses!

HandymanHow a faucet bursts if hose is left attached in freezing conditions:

  1. Hose Attached
  2. Freezing Begins
  3. Pressure In Pipe Builds…
  4. Integrity of Pipe Lost…Pipe Bursts

When a hose is left attached, water cannot drain properly from the faucet. As temperatures drop below freezing, water in the faucet begins turning to ice.

Once water freezes in faucet, there’s no relief from the pressure of expanding ice and flowing water backing up behind the blockage. Eventually the copper tubing will burst to relieve that pressure.

Follow these simple steps to prevent frozen pipe damage this winter:

  1. Disconnect Garden Hoses from Outdoor Faucets.
  2. Drain, Coil, and Connect the ends to keep spiders from making a home inside. Store in the garage or shed.
  3. For Additional Protection, Insulate with Outdoor Faucet Cover
  4. Thick Styrofoam cover and compressible foam seals around the spout for additional cold weather protection.

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