Turn Your Toilet Into A “Super Bowl”

Simple Steps To Replace A Flapper Valve

  • Turn off water supply to the toilet. You should see a Shutoff Valve located on the wall behind the toilet. Flush toilet and make sure enough water drains out of toilet tank so Flapper can be accessed.
  • Unhook the sides of the Flapper from the hooks that are connected to the sides of the Overflow Tube.
  • Detach the Flapper Chain from the Flush Lever. (Note the length of the chain from the Flush Lever to the flapper. This will save time when installing the new flapper chain.)
  • Remove the old flapper from the toilet tank. Clean the area surrounding the outlet where the flapper sits to remove any debris that will prevent the new flapper from sealing properly.

* Universal Flappers are available, however it is best to write down the toilet manufacturer and model number. The manufacturer’s name is often stamped on the outside of the bowl near the seat hinges and the model number is normally on the inside at the back of the tank. Take the information and old flapper to a plumbing supply store or home improvement store.

  • Lower your new toilet flapper into the tank and settle it in the outlet exactly as the old flapper was, making sure there is a good seal.
  • Attach the loops of the new flapper to the hooks on the sides of the overflow tube. Attach new chain to the flapper and hook it to the flush lever.
  • Experiment with the length of the chain to make sure the flapper stays open for the proper amount of time when flushed (usually allow a 1/2-inch give).
  • Turn the water supply to the toilet back on. The tank will start filling up automatically to the appropriate water level. To insure a proper flapper seal, flush to make sure no water is heard leaking from the outlet.

Congratulations! You have successfully replaced the
toilet flapper and prevented further water leakage

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